Vi 383, 7550 Scuol

The restaurant Guarda Val belongs to a lovely boutique hotel on the hill above Scuol. I was excited to see this lovely hotel. The view on the village and the mountains is fantastic. Next to the reception desk there is a modern bar where you can enjoy a drink and something to eat. We had a little accident and asked for something to clean the mess. What would you expect? The barkeeper gave us the mop to clean the table. I don't want to further comment on this. After the Apéro we went to the restaurant. There are big panorama windows to enjoy the lovely view. The ambience was kind of

Gratstrasse 6, 8143 Stallikon

The Berggasthaus Uto Staffel is located on the Üetliberg. I highly recommend coming here and visit this less famous place. Most people heading towards the famous restaurant located on the top of the mountain. The view is lovely and you can see on both sides of the mountain. We came here with a group people. The staff

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