Mr. Lian - Kaiserslautern, Germany

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Overall Impression: 80% - 1 votes
Smell: 80% - 1 votes
Cleanness: 80% - 1 votes
Soap: 80% - 1 votes
Toilet Paper: 100% - 1 votes
Towel / Hand Dryer: 100% - 1 votes
Wheelchair Accessibility? - 1 votes
Space - 1 votes
Sanitary Bags - 1 votes
Paper Towel / Cosmetic Tissues - 1 votes
Baby's Changing Table - 1 votes
Mirror - 1 votes
Toilet Seat Cleaner / Cover - 1 votes
Hanger - 1 votes

September 2016

Weilerbacher Str. 91, 67661 Kaiserslautern

I happen to be a sushi fanatic in an area that does more Chinese buffets than Mongolian stir fries or classic Japanese sushi. So, when my friend invited my husband and I out to eat in her area, I was overjoyed to hear an abundance of sushi areas. In Germany, different cultures of food is quite simple to find, but the real question is how many of each type do you have? Mr. Lian did not fail to impress me with their theatrics and overall quality.

In Mr. Lian’s, you have two choices: eat inside with a lounge area or outside, with tables. We opted for a table setting, since it was the summer time and the county does not believe in AC. We ended up ordering an appetizer of spring rolls and a platter to split with sushi. We were honestly flabbergasted when we were told that this massive decorative platter is what we paid the highest price for. Not only was it gorgeous,

but the quality was amazing. The title picture shows our feast that ended up filling our bellies to the maximum potential. There are crunchy rolls, eel and other varieties of sushi.

Women's Toilet:

With the bathrooms, it was clean and spacious. There were two different sets for males and females, and women were given 4 stalls to choose from. There were also 2 sinks, with plenty of soap and ways to dry one’s hands. I can’t recall if there was a changing table, but we were given exceptional space, making it handicap friendly.


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